“The Legends”, a new comfortable chairlift in Meribel

“The Legends” — this is the name given to a new high-tech chairlift in Meribel. It wasn’t chosen at random, because the chairlift can become a real legend: it combines the latest technology and comfort. It’s the only one that is capable to replace the carrying capacity of the other two: “Plan de l’Homme” and “Roc de Fer”, offering an even faster journey to the top! It takes only 4 minutes and 40 seconds!

The chairlift delights with incredible comfort: each seat has a thermo-regulated system and a weather-shield. The design is marvelous too: leather seats are made in blue and black, and the arrival stations are constructed in wood and natural stone. Thus, this chairlift confirms the Meribel’s reputation as an elegant resort once again.

“The Legends” provides comfortable journey to Cherferie — one of the most amazing ski areas of Meribel. Thanks to it, skiers will be able to enjoy skiing these incredible pistes (in particular — the blue Choucas piste, known for perfect sunny aspect and snow).

Only 4 minutes — and you find yourself in the Belleville valley. The new arrival station is located higher than the previous draglift and provides easier access to the Jerusalem piste, that drops towards the enchanting village of Saint-Martin.